The arguments have started already. This will make for a joyous remainder of the pregnancy and something else to steal away any excitement I may have about the experience. 

The problem with the OH is he thinks induction is simple, he doesn’t see the bigger picture and he certainly has no concept of how it will affect my body, and at the end of the day it is MY body. All he sees is that baby will arrive on a set day which will fit nicely into his calender (he doesn’t understand that it really isn’t that simple, convenient or predictable). 

As I voice my concerns over this matter I will stress, once again, that I will not, EVER put the life of my child at risk and will of course do what I have to when it comes to it if it’s in Peanut’s best interests. I just want confirmation that it is absolutely necessary first. I don’t think that this is asking too much and having read some of the research, and believe me I’m still reading research on the matter to enable myself to make an informed decision, it seems to me a little hasty to consider this at this stage. Barring my age I don’t fit into any of the other risk groups. Why can he not see this? More importantly why does he not listen, no, *hear* my concerns or worries without just thinking I’m being stupid and stubborn? I just wish I had someone to talk to about this who will listen to me and hear me and support me through this. I want my mum.

As I write this I feel Peanut moving inside me oblivious to any of this and I just wish I didn’t have to feel this much pressure at a time when I should be *blooming* and enjoying being an expectant mother. It seems unfair I’ve been robbed of the enjoyment through recurrent miscarriage and now as I started to feel relaxed I feel I’m being robbed of my birth plan aswell, by men of all people!! (Sorry to any male readers out there 😘).


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