Half way there!!! Well that’s something I thought I wouldn’t say again.

Scan day today and I’m met with a mix of feelings. Still not sure how I’ll feel if we ‘accidentally’ find out about the baby’s gender… quietly pleased but cheesed off that I’ll never experience that ‘surprise’. I’m not going to be able to look away so we’ll see 😊. I wrote a more comprehensive post about the scan here.

In the normal world it was our late night shopping here tonight so took Noah out (past his bedtime which was a step too far for OH) so he could see Santa. This Christmas is going to be truly magical as he’s starting to understand it more. Can’t wait to get back from Centre Parcs so we can buy our tree and decorate.


Peanut now measures about 6.5 inches (head to rump) and 10 inches (head to heel), from here on in it will be measured from head to toe. Peanut weighs about 10.5oz and is the approximate size of a small banana.

Peanut is swallowing a lot more now which is good practice for his digestive system and is now producing meconium. This black, tat like substance will accumulate in his bowels until birth (hopefully afterwards).


My uterus is now in line with my naval and boy can I tell. Night times are starting to become uncomfortable, I was up half of last night with very achy hips and knees, and the other half with OHs snoring, coupled with DS clambering over me to get into our bed at 1.30 it was a baaaad night.
Boobs still sore and particularly painful when cold.

Other than that I feel ok.

140 days to go


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