It’s weird writing this post seeing as I wrote one for yesterday earlier.

Toddler is much better today (so far) and it’s only the FIRST OF DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Christmas, my mum made it such a special time of year that when I lost her I began to hate it, it felt empty, it left me feeling horrifically alone, it made me sad. Now I have a child I’ve fallen madly in love with it again and my mission is to make each one as memorable as my mum made mine. Today is the day we can officially start getting festive, with the opening of that first little door on the advent calendar (Playmobil this year) starts the sparkly, twinkly, Christmassy joy. I can’t wait.

Tomorrow brings with it our anomaly scan. Thanks to the Doppler my anxieties that Peanut is well has been hugely alleviated but I’m still feeling slightly anxious that all is well, I mean I’ve already had one perfect child, surely I’m not allowed another! Stupid thought I know, but a very valid one in my mind. 

I’ll be sure to be over analysing (and googling) measurements in the hope that they won’t match any abnormalities associated with ‘conditions’. Asking the sonographer a ridiculous amount of times to confirm there’s no hole in the heart or cleft lip and to confirm that everything is normal.

Though what if it isn’t? It won’t change anything. I’ll still have this beautiful baby growing inside me. Sometimes I think these scans are a blessing and a curse in equal measures. We’ve also got the consultant appointment afterwards to be told how old I am and what the risks are, which will be fun, but then we’ll find out how many more scans we’ll get, which will be great!

1 day until anomaly scan… that’s right mother hubbards, it’s TOMORROW.

141 days to go


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