Posting this a day late.

Yesterday went to hell in a teacup.


Toddler meltdowns from hell (after a successful, and final pre-school taster) left me feeling like the worst parent in the world and ended up sobbing on the sofa whilst he napped it off. Children really do have the ability to make you feel truly awful, as well as the best you’ve ever felt. I really hope this isn’t the start of something long standing.

Also coming down with a cold meaning I fell asleep whilst settling said toddler last night, hence lack of on-time-posting.

Meanwhile, Peanut is happy enough in there, I think. I’m starting to feel slightly more movement. Boobs hurting again.

I’ve also decided I’m getting back on track with my eating tomorrow. I realise my diet has been horrific of late and very high in sugar so I’m going to get back to basis, I’m trrrified I’ll end up giving myself gestational diabetes.

2 days until anomaly scan.

142 days to go


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