Back home today. It was a lovely couple of days I just wish time didn’t pass so quickly.

I didn’t take Doppler with me when I left so I haven’t been able to ‘check in’ on Peanut since Saturday. What with being busy I haven’t really noticed any movements and today actually thought my boobs aren’t half as sore as usual… of course this made me worry. 

When I got home I got the Doppler out and got very anxious as I couldn’t find the heartbeat for ages and when I did it was very distant and I soon lost it again. Then I couldn’t find it again for ages. Weird. Who knew the tummy was such a big place to get lost in? Still wondering whether the placenta is anterior. Not long before we can find out!!! EEEEEEEEP!!! I am very excited!!!

3 days until anomaly scan.

143 days to go


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