Couldn’t get to sleep last night overthinking everything. I wrote yesterday about wanting to get back to our usual routine for DS, I think I need to do it for me too. I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

I’m constantly stressing because I worry about Peanut and that I’m not doing the right things for my unborn child. With DS I had the luxury of time, time to eat properly, time to exercise properly, time to rest, time to sleep. This time round I don’t have this luxury, hell im lucky if I have time to brush my teeth properly let alone the rest of the above.

I’ve made a pact with myself that when I get home and now OH is back at work I’m going to focus more on me. I need to eat healthier (not just to keep a grip on my weight), I need to get into a regular exercise routine so I need to buy another hdmi lead tomorrow. I need to focus on Peanut as well as everything else.

I’ve barely felt Peanut today but I’ve been so busy and I’m trying not to worry. I’m starting to get really excited about Friday, if a little nervous too.

People keep asking about the baby’s sex. Why is this so important to people not remotely involved? I find it funny. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the same. We have this need to know ahead of time and I do hope that this time baby is nice and shy and keeps his/her secret covered.

Hoping I get to sleep early tonight. DS slept so brilliantly last night, not waking once (until 4.30 of course), I could do with enjoying that tonight and sharing in an unbroken long(ish) sleep.

4 days until anomaly scan.

144 days to go


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