Not a long one today, it was DS’ birthday party today so have been run off my feet and have only just sat down, and it’s 2145hrs!

It was a truly successful party, the cake was a hit and barring a strop from DS because he couldn’t grasp the concept of passing on the pass the parcel it was a really lovely afternoon. I even managed to remember to hand out the party bags this year (barring one, but they left early so confused me).

Everyone got the shock of their lives when they saw my bump, a couple asking around before confronting me, just in case it was food baby. Honestly, the reactions were fab.

As regards Peanut, nothing really to report, a couple of movements felt this evening, headaches still prevalent but am hoping that it’s stress of the party but if they haven’t subsided by Tuesday I’ll give the MW a call.

6 days until anomaly scan.

146 days to go


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