Wow, time seems to be racing past lately. Maybe due to DS’ birthday preparations and the fact that I’ve been so busy. It’s funny how the first trimester feels like a year and the rest races past.


Photo credit: BabyCentre
This week Peanut measures 6 inches from head to rump, weighs approximately 8.5 oz and is the size of a mango!

Peanut’s sensory development is rapidly growing and reaches its peak this week. The brain is designating areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Physically, Peanut’s arms and legs are now in proportion to each other and to the rest of the body. The formation of millions of neurons means that Peanut is making more conscious and controlled movements too.
The kidneys continue to make urine, and now hair is beginning to sprout on peanut’s head. This week sees the formation of the vernix caseosa which is a waxy protective coating for the skin to prevent it from pruning whilst in the amniotic fluid.


The top of my uterus is now in line with my naval and will continue to grow approximately 1cm a week.

Symptom wise I’ve been ok. Headaches have plagued me the last two days which started off as the skin on my forehead being tender to the touch, like I had a bruise or hidden spot, now it’s stretched to my temples but think this is more related to the start of a cold than the pregnancy.

The apps tell me if I think my bump is big now then to be prepared as it will start growing even faster in the weeks to come. Marvellous. I will resemble a beached whale by term, I swear! I’m expecting more round ligament pain and hip and knee aches soon but as of now these don’t seem to be a problem which is good because the pregnancy pillow has a new job at present… protecting DS from hitting the floor when he falls out of bed!

My boobs are still agony and feeding DS no fun at all at present. 

I’m still craving the sweet stuff and have been very naughty this week with the In laws here. Back on plan next week, definitely.

My hair is starting to become noticeably thicker and my nails stronger, which is fab.

Moods continue to fluctuate but this isn’t helped by ‘environmental influences’. I’m sure if it were just me and DS they would be pretty level. Though I sobbed like a baby when I dropped DS at pre-school today and had to leave him, it was only for an hour for lords sake, you’d think he was going away for a week!!!!

7 days until anomaly scan.

147 days to go


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