Yesterday’s fears were unfounded. Last night (after a screaming and very poorly DS ended up back in bed with us) Peanut had a right wriggle on. To cheer DS this morning (and to alleviate any of my worries) we got the Doppler out to ‘check in on Peanut’, of course everything seems fine in there. I’ll be interested to learn where my placenta is lying next week, I’m wondering whether it’s anterior and that’s why I’m not feeling stronger and more frequent movements. It could simply be it’s still too small. I think because I’ve felt movement for so long this time round I’m expecting them to be stronger sooner too which, of course, wouldn’t be the case at all. Thank god for the Doppler is all I can say. Without it I think I’d have been up to the MW by now, if not several times.

My bump seems to be the subject of much discussion today with lots of remarks about it’s size. I really am a little concerned about how large I’m going to be at full term, I’m just hoping my butt doesn’t match it 😂

8 days until anomaly scan.

148 days to go


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