Another very busy day today preparing for DS’ party and getting my hair cut. Collecting toys from toy library and arranging a transfer with a friend whose son’s party is the next day and can’t book out toys because I have them… works out well as it means we won’t have to store the mountain of plastic for a week after the party. 

Checked on the room and thankfully no one has it before us meaning I can get in a bit earlier giving me a bit of breathing room to set up. Also had to collect car from garage, look after a sickly DS and entertain the inlaws. 

I am finding it difficult to sleep at the moment because I’m stressing about the party and the cake. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Lying here in the peaceful darkness after settling DS and waiting a sufficient amount of time before I attempt to transfer him into his bed and I’m hoping to feel Peanut. I haven’t been able to sit own and relax long enough today to feel anything, also inlaws are here this evening so can’t even check in with the Doppler, first thing in morning I’m on it!!!! Am I worried? YES, OF COURSE!

Come on Peanut, mooooove!
9 days until anomaly scan.

149 days to go


2 thoughts on “18 Weeks + 5

  1. It is so stressful when you can not feel them move. I know everyone is different but I pretty much never felt my twins move until around 23 weeks and even then not much through the pregnancy. It was nerve wracking for sure.

    Hope the anatomy scan goes well!


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