The blanket didn’t work!!!

After the pure bliss of how my boobs felt after a day in a properly fitting bra and after how sore they were by the time I woke up this morning I think I’m going to have to investigate sleep bras.

It’s been a bit of a mental day today preparing for DS’ birthday tomorrow. So cross that only one of his presents (thankfully his main one) has arrived from Amazon despite paying extra to get them here on time. OH and in-laws keep saying ‘they’ll probably be here tomorrow’ my irrational pregnancy brain wants to scream at them that unless they get here by 4am when he wakes up then it is absolutely no consolation at all!!!! Thankfully I resisted voicing this but am fuming inside and utterly disappointed, I know he won’t care, but I do.

Peanut is doing well, quite a few movements are being felt now and DS wanted to listen to the heartbeat so helped us with the Doppler 156 bpm today.

Off to bed now to try and get some sleep and not dream of disastrous birthday cakes.

11 days until anomaly scan.

151 days to go


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