I’m just going to stop mentioning DS’ awful night’s… it’s boring me let alone anyone reading about them. All I will say is I’ve put a thick fleece blanket under his base sheet tonight to soften the mattress… we’ll see what happens!

It’s been quite an eventful day today. Met up with the In-laws at swimming and then went to a local Christmas Craft Fayre where OH thought to drive onto a field to make a space for his parents behind us, ignored my warnings that after all the rain it may be wise to reverse in so front wheels were on a solid surface… roll on an hour and a half and the van had sunk into what I can only describe as a quagmire. Thankfully, as it’s a farming community and well and truly in the wilds, we didn’t have to wait too long (40 minutes of cardboard boxes, stone laying, footwell mat lying hell) before a lovely man and his Landy pulled us out. DS cheered the chap, shouting out “You’re a Hero Man”, think he was suitably impressed.

After all this drama by the time we got home I was bursting to pee and raced to the toilet where I reckon Peanut felt the most relief because as soon as I started going I got the biggest kick EVER. That is the first definite kick I’ve felt and it was a whopper! BPM was 158 this morning when I checked, yep… still loving the Doppler.

In laws and I were discussing the sex of Peanut today and FIL said he’s definitely getting a girl vibe and MIL would like another boy. Got me thinking about the anomaly scan and whether to find out or not. Not that I’ll ask.

I love surprises (to the point I have Christmas presents still to open a week after Christmas because I hate them disappearing from under the tree) and with DS we categorically said no… he had other ideas however and decided to give us the clearest view of his ‘tackle’ that you could possibly get so there went my surprise with him. This time I’m almost very tempted to find out, but still want the surprise, I really am torn. 

Needless to say I won’t be turning my head from the screen just in case I get a little clue but will still say no to finding out. What did you do?

Finally, a whole day in my new bra and my boobs are so much less sore. Poor things must have been more squashed than I had thought. Who knew?!

12 days until anomaly scan.

152 days to go


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