Can’t quite believe we’re two weeks off being half way through this miraculous pregnancy. 

As much as life is throwing lemons at us in pretty much every aspect right now, this the most important thing is going right and for that I’m eternally grateful.

We’ve had such a busy day today. DS had his first taster session at pre-school this morning. It’s safe to say he loves it judging by the monumental tantrum he threw when we had to leave though next week will be the rest when I have to leave him there. DS has rarely been left with anyone other than myself or OH, on a couple of occasions he’s been left with my brother or Auntie but that was for an hour maximum. I have no doubt though that he’ll do good. Time will tell

The rest of the day was spent on rainy day activities seeing as a monsoon seems to have landed on Cornwall.

So what does this week, my 19th week of pregnancy, hold?…


Photo credit: BabyCentre

This week Peanut is about 5.6in in length and weighs up to 6.7oz and is about the size of a pear. The bones in the ears are starting to harden so will begin to function shortly and they are in their final position and stand out from the side of the head. Eyebrows are starting to appear, and the muscles around it’s closed eyes are now twitching. 


Photo credit: BabyCentre

I’m feeling ok at the moment, granted I’d probably have more energy if DS slept better but the first trimester exhaustion as well and truly passed now.

I have noticed that I’ve been feeling really lighthearted the last couple of days, mainly when I’ve stood up or lifted my head when it’s been lowered to read for a length of time. I was beginning to worry about this until I read my apps today, apparently this is perfectly normal and can be chalked up to my ever expanding uterus. Apparently this puts pressure on my blood vessels which in turn reduces blood flow to my brain… marvellous, what I don’t need is any more brain cells to die I already think I’m insulting my degree with my now well instated baby brain.

My boobs are really starting to grow and have ordered more bras this morning as my current ones are straining under the pressure. I’ve also noticed that my nopples are darkening. Now I know that this is very common and I shouldn’t be amazed but with DS they actually got lighter, it’s something we’ve always remarked on.

My hips, knees and elbows continue to ache but mainly at night, I’m hoping to get the PlayStation fixed today so I can start proper yoga again.

Still craving sweet things and am desperately fighting against it. I didn’t go to Slimming World this week due to a viewing at the flat so don’t know what damage has been caused to my weight this week. Next week will be interesting 😳

My moods are still all over the place and after speaking to several people who are suffering the same I’m not entirely convinced it’s just hormonal. I’m blaming the clocks changing, the diabolical very grey (very Cornish) weather and landscape with the addition of a super moon thrown in for good measure. All this with the addition of hormones you can only imagine what a delight I am to be around right now.

14 days until anomaly scan.

154 days to go


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