Horrific night last night. Always guaranteed on the first night Ih is back after being away all week. DS woke at about midnight and tossed and turned all night and OH snoresd like a fog horn, all in all my Fitbit sleep analysis was shocking this morning.

The in-laws arrive for a week today which will be nice to see them, but then will have to deal with OHs moods because of it. He fails to understand why they have to see us everyday when they’ve travelled 6 hours to, well, see us!!!!!! Makes me crazy mad as I’d give my right arm to spend time with my parents. 

Pretty pants weather today so not much was done except housework and the mundane.

Peanut has been quite quiet today but am resisting the Doppler, probably because I haven’t sat down much to feel the faint movements.

Best bit of news today… MY NEW BRAS ARRIVED. It’s like putting on a gorgeous pair of comfy slippers.

13 days until anomaly scan.

153 days to go


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