The hope of waking up in a better, more relaxed state of mind was pretty much scuppered at 11pm last night when DS woke for the first of many times. Finally waking to start the day at 4. What is wrong with this child? Why does he not need any sleep? All the experts say at his age he needs a minimum of 12 hours, we’re lucky if he manages 10 and that’s including his nap, without that it’d be 8!!!!

I am exhausted and it’s not even 6am yet!

I’m pleased to report, despite the weather’s best efforts to dampen everyone’s spirits, the day actually turned out ok.

Had a listen in on Peanut with the help from it’s big brother (160 bpm today). Went to music club which DS always thoroughly enjoys then had the grand tour of the toy shops, a successful nap (DS, not me unfortunately), dropped car at garage whilst it wasn’t raining and had a play date with a friend who has also been feeling the effects of these darker, more dreary days. Makes me feel a little more secure that it isn’t me losing the plot. Effects of the Super Moon maybe? Who knows but I’ll be glad when it passes.

Settled DS this evening fairly successfully and have decided to leave his duvet off to try and replicate his cot days in the hope he’ll sleep better. Can’t do anything but try. Need him to be well rested as he has his first settling-in session at pre-school in preparation for him starting in January. 

15 days until anomaly scan.

155 days to go


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