Well last night wasn’t horrific with DS. OH away for the week again and DS slept in his own bed until 4. FOUR! Then in my bed until 6!

Of course today he decided to not nap, I’m just praying he hasn’t picked now to drop his nap, I like those two hours to relax and chill out, especially being pregnant! Time will tell. On the plus side he was fast asleep and in his bed by 7pm tonight now let’s pray for a good night (not normally the case when he doesn’t have a nap).

I’ve been feeling quite achy today, in the uterine area. I’m putting this down to growing pains and the fact I’ve been racing around all day today. On the plus side my knees and hips have stopped aching which is making bedtime less painful.

Been feeling a bit down today, more to do with the miserable Cornish weather and the fact that, having just paid £200 (that we don’t have) to get my car through its MOT, when I got the car home the windscreen wipers pack up! Let’s face it they are the one thing car’s in this miserable country most definitely can’t do without. 

After a little whinge on Facebook I realise that I should be lucky to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, a car at all, our health and our continuing pregnancy.

I don’t bode well at this time of year. Please forgive my whinging.

17 days until anomaly scan.

157 days to go


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