We had a slightly better night last night. DS slept until 3.15 before climbing into our bed and although I got less sleep last night I got a longer stint of sleep so feel pretty good today.

My boobs are extremely uncomfortable today. Tender, tingling, itching, just plain blooming sore. I can’t remember them being this sore with DS but then I wasn’t feeding a toddler then. For once on my breastfeeding journey I’m looking forward to him weaning.

My tummy feels very distended today, quite itchy and very tight so tomorrow I’m digging out the biooil. 

The constipation has returned so I’ve necked some lactulose this evening along with a Thai lentil curry so tomorrow could be interesting!

I’ve felt Peanut wriggling a fair bit today, probably because we’ve been largely at home today due to bad weather so no need for Doppler.

18 days until anomaly scan.

158 days to go


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