So the Doppler fascination continues and we checked again this morning, ended up getting it straight away but as soon as we wanted to count the beats Peanut moved and it took several minutes to locate it again. We estimate heartbeat at 138-140 bpm. Boy or girl? Well it’s an open verdict as it’s pretty much bang in the middle of the ‘midwives tale’ in prediction.

I have bitten the bullet and bought a maternity swimsuit for our Center Parcs holiday next month. Never did it with DS as I had a size 14 bikini (an eBay fail) that actually came good due to side ties on bottoms. However I have since got rid and so splashed out. Went for one from Next and it’s ok. In fact it looks more than ok I’m just never happy with me in things, especially swimsuits, especially when I’d just got to a size and tone I was happyish with after my weight loss and running. Ho well, there are more important things afoot and it’s all worth it in the long run. Let’s face it, it’s been a long time since I turned any heads.

DS still not sleeping well, he even had a monumental fall out of bed last night and clattered his ear on the side of the bed. Of course this resulted in him in our bed 10 minutes after I went to bed. Transferred him half an hour later but a further two wake ups meant another atrocious night for me. Ended up taking him on a 2.5 mile walk around Cardinham woods near Bodmin in the hope its tired him out enough to sleep through for once, I could really do with atleast a comfortable night, if not a good night’s sleep (my bladder is still waking me several times a night for the latter to be impossible).

I’m getting a lot of stretching pains in my stomach and boobs today which hasn’t been pleasant but the outcome is well worth the discomfort.

19 days until anomaly scan.

159 days to go.


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