A blessing and a curse. 

This is exactly the reason behind my decision not to buy an at home fetal Doppler before. 

As I mentioned before my OH brought a Doppler home the other day, a colleague at work had one and it’s pretty much done the rounds in the office. It has remained on our kitchen counter untouched… until this morning. The reasonings behind me picking it up I have no idea. Perhaps it’s my worry that the movements I’m feeling aren’t really the baby but I decided I was going to use it and I’m still trying to calm myself down ten minutes later. 

Armed with the gel and the probe I lay on the kitchen floor so my toddler didn’t spot the machine and it become his most recent much-needed toy! I’m sure it was only 3 minutes but it felt like a lifetime that the only sound I could hear was the Doppler moving or my own heartbeat, which was ever increasing with my growing anxiety, until there it was… that tiny, quick heart beating. I think I’m going to become addicted to that silly machine, I just need to master it for my own sanity.

In other news my relaxin is definitely kicking in, my knees hips and elbows ache like hell today.

20 days until anomaly scan.

160 days to go.


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