Another terrible night with DS last night which had me in his bed for over an hour… it really isn’t much fun squeezing into a toddler bed which is an inch off the floor with a baby bump that is more 30 Weeks than 16 (I truly am dreading what size I’m going to get to). I’m fast regretting getting rid of the cot, I really need a good night’s sleep, or atleast one not spent with a fidgeting toddler.

Peanut has been super active today, ironic seeing as OH brought his friend’s Doppler home with him this evening. I’m going to try and resist the urge to use it for fear of 1) not finding heartbeat and thus spiralling into panic and 2) becoming addicted 😄

I have been suffering a bit of hip and round ligament pain today. Now whether this is due to me starting my exercising again and therefore just the usual aches associated with a new regime, or typical pregnancy growing pains is still open to question. I’m going to see what it’s like tomorrow and hope it’s the former. It made for a rather painful walk to my friend’s house this afternoon where I thought a leg was going to fall off at any given moment.

I am now firmly into my maternity clothes now, my size 12s just don’t fit anywhere other than my bump and my 10s are impossible to get on. Although the maternity stuff is still a little big they are far more comfortable but swear they make me look bigger.

22 days until anomaly scan.

162 days to go.


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