Woke up at 2 with a toddler climbing over me and nestling in beside me in bed. This bed thing sucks, almost tempted to put cot back up except it would be counter productive in the long term.

Woke at 5 feeling a little jaded. Did my workout with a struggle thinking the last few nights have just caught up on me, by 10am I was feeling lousy. A cold really is not what I need right now, like REALLY!!! Weather is atrocious and desperately need to get down to the toy library to book some equipment for DS’ party IN TWO WEEKS TIME 😱😱😱. Ended up getting there in time (it’s only open 4 hours a week), booked the equipment and came back with some toys for DS that kept him entertained all afternoon…. result!!

All ok with peanut. Feeling the odd movement, boobs still agony, stomach feeling heeeeeavy, bit of nausea today but think that’s. Old related and the lactulose has had to be consumed again as the dreaded constipation has reared its ugly head again (even after a four bean chilli, go figure).

23 days until anomaly scan

163 days to go


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