Considering I only got 4.5 hours sleep last night we’ve had a good day today with surprising energy (though this started to flag fast by 5.30pm).

My boobs are horrifically sore today but I wonder whether this is due to my milk starting to change. DS has totally rejected my left breast whilst my right is expanding ridiculously because of it being the only one still in use. Now he seems to be working hard on this one too, this could well be the beginning of the end of mine and DS’ breastfeeding journey, I’m bloody proud of myself for going this long and always said I wanted it to end at DS’ say so. It’s been a beautiful experience and one I will start again with Peanut, god willing.

Peanut hasn’t been so active today which, of course, I’m trying not to worry about bearing in mind I’m lucky to even feel movement at this stage, let alone expect it in any frequency, but it is difficult to not worry. OH said a friend at work had a Doppler which I’ve rejected her offer of lending it to us, up until now. I’m. Or beginning to think it may offer me some comfort when I have a panic (as I wrote this Peanut kicks into action… how typical is that!!!!).

25 days until anomaly scan

165 days to go


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