A semi-successful night with DS last night. He didn’t wake once despite the room being an ice box but did still wake at 5, but then this was the time my bowel insisted I got up so think I may have woken him. He was so chuffed when he woke and insisted I get in with him and see how well he slept, at the moment this is fine, in another month or so I’m think it may be a little to snug.

OH off to Germany today after swimming so hoping for a more chilled day, I need it. Finding I really can’t deal with stressful situations at present without exploding (quite fitting seeing as it was Bonfire night last night).

Weather hasn’t been great today but we’ve had a fun afternoon despite that.

DS has been discussing Peanut quite a lot today, and very cutely has started referring to it as ‘Peanut’. He’s still adamant he wants a boy and despite whether it’s a boy or girl, apparently it’s going to have his name.

As for Peanut, I truly can’t wait until I feel it’s movements more strongly and frequently. I still have moments of panic that things aren’t ‘right’ in there and long for the reassurance that regular movements bring.

My stomach has felt really tight and extremely itchy today so think Peanut is having a bit of a growth spurt in there. Tiredness seems to be waning now (huzzah). 

26 days until anomaly scan

166 days to go 


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