After an initial terrible start, DS woke at 2230 after having a nightmare about OH having to go to work (long story which could have/should have been avoided) he then slept until 5!!! Of course this was in our bed which meant I had an extremely uncomfortable night perched on the edge getting to lie on my left side whilst CONSTANTLY having to turn over and hit OH for snoring. Despite this I actually feel quite good today. Though I may have had a nap when DS napped *snigger*.

We decided to move DS into his toddler bed today, in the hope he’ll sleep better… famous last words. So we discussed it, he helped us build his new ‘big boy bed’ and to take down his cot (cue my sobbing). Settling him this evening wasn’t made any easier by all the fireworks but finally managed it half an hour later than usual and 2 hours lasted he’s still tucked up in his own little bed. I really could cry, my perfect little man in a big boy’s bed. Hormones. Praying the night goes smoothly.

Symptom wise I’m pretty good today, a couple of lower abdomen twinges and feeling very heavy with still very sore boobs but that’s it for today.

27 days until anomaly scan

167 days to go 


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