Yesterday I went up to Bovis to make my choices on kitchen, floorings and tiles… oh my word!!!! I didn’t think there would be so much choice as standard. I am actually lost. This is where my procrastination will come into its own and I shall now TOTALLY forget about it until the last minute 😂

Have been feeling really good since hearing peanut’s heartbeat yesterday. This coupled with feeling more and more movement means I’m hoping this is going to be a turning point for me and I’ll be more positive from here on in, well in the main anyway!? 

Still no nausea but still shattered but thinking this is more due to DS’ ridiculously early starts in the morning coupled with my terrible nights due to poor bladder and bowel function. Either way it’ll all be worth it in the end.

30 days until anomaly scan

170 days to go 


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