We’ve just got back from the midwife and all is well. Peanut performed and we got to hear their tiny heartbeat for the first time. What made it even more special was DS was there and squealed ‘Baby’ as soon as he heard it.

I sobbed. Of course.

The midwife has even said she’ll see me at 24 weeks so I don’t have to wait until 28, like I should. She also said if I’m feeling anxious that I can pop up every week if I want. I take all I said about her back. 

One thing she did highlight, which I didn’t think to check as this is all new since DS was born. The screening bloods they took at my dating scan now determine baby’s blood type. So where we had to wait until DS was born to determine whether he was rhesus positive or negative (he was negative so no Anti-D needed after birth) we now know that this baby is positive already. This just means I have to have my Anti-D for definite now. Other than that everything else was fine.

Three cheers for Peanut!

We’re now heading up to Bovis to choose our kitchens, carpets and tiles.

31 days until anomaly scan.

171 days to go.


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