DS had a much better night last night but woke up at 3.30!!! Thankfully OH got up with him at 4 (with no complaint, no coercion, nothing… totally off his own back!!! I know right? Miracles do happen) which meant I got a lie in until 5.30 to catch up from yesterday.

Have been feeling extremely anxious today. Probably something to do with tomorrow’s appointment but I can’t shake the feeling something is wrong. Really glad I have midwife tomorrow. Can’t remember whether she looks for heartbeat tomorrow or not but will ask for her to give it a go anyway.

Thankfully the weather has been amazing today, lovely and warm and the sun has been shining so have had a very busy day out and about and playing on the beach with the boy to keep my mind off things.

My friend is back too so it’ll be nice to catch up with her and start making arrangements for DS’ third birthday, I can’t believe he’s nearly 3, it only seems like yesterday he blessed our lives and yet I can’t remember what life was like without him in it.

16 week Midwife appointment tomorrow!!!!

172 days to go.


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