Got all my blood results back that were taken at my dating scan and all is fine there. Begs the question though as to where the results have gone that were taken at my 8 week midwife appointment. These earlier bloods were sent to a different hospital as that’s where our midwives get their anti-D from (I’m rhesus negative)… this is exactly the reason I will NEVER opt for that hospital if I have a choice. They constantly seem to mess up. Must remember to bring this up with the midwife on Tuesday.

I forgot to mention yesterday, a significant symptom that I’m experiencing… My foul mood! Now whether this is due to my pregnancy or my home life I can’t decide. I’m beginning to think that my pregnancy is leaving me with the inability to take the shit that I generally deal with and thus I react to it more. Who knows, but right now, when the OH is home I’m raging!!

DS has been spiking a temperature all day today so haven’t really had time to think about anything other than him and on that note I’m off to bed early as I fear tonight is going to be a long one, coupled with the clocks going back it’s going to be painful.

3 days until midwife appointment 

174 days to go


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