What a fantastic day we’ve had today. Up early and out for adventures and then a lovely play date with a friend where I got to snuggle her 4 week old who was in a milk drunk coma.

Today has made me feel a bit more ‘back on track’ again, it was needed to get me back into Cornish life after being at home.

Felt dreadfully sick this morning so, in good old pregnancy fashion, I ate through it 😱. Still really tired in the afternoon and extremely heavy today but have a feeling that’s due to constipation again. Peanut has been über active this evening which eases my anxiety somewhat, though then I wonder whether I’ve got it all wrong and it’s just muscles spasms and not peanut at all. Less than a week until midwife which means less than a week until I hear it’s heartbeat for the first time… very excited, and nervous all in one.

On a side note the Great British Bake Off Final seemed to me a bit of a damp squib tonight. Nothing seemed particularly exciting unlike previous years and absolutely GUTTED she won!!! Gah! First time ever I’ve been disappointed with the winner.

5 days until midwife appointment

177 days to go


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