Huzzah. DS slept through, only until 5 but I’ll take that. I felt like a new woman, until the arguing started approximately an hour after we woke but that’s another post. 

Got my maternity clothes out today and gave them a wash, unfortunately I forgot that I was pregnant through the summer months with DS so most of it totally inappropriate for this winter pregnancy. Will have to purchase a few cheap vests and long sleeve Ts which should compliment the bag of baggy jumpers Auntie gave me when I was home.

Was fat club today which was a bit of a downer, it would appear last weeks over indulgences showed on the scales with a one pound gain so I’m back on plan today. I wasn’t counting on the nausea creeping back though so fighting hard to resist stodge today.

Spent an hour this afternoon at the fair which is currently visiting town. DS loved it and I got to go on a rollercoaster with him which was hilarious, really good for a kiddies one and we whooped and screamed our way round. Of course all the frivolity was ruined when inevitably we had to leave, resulting in a very moody, tear stained little boy.

Feeling lots of movement from peanut today, perhaps they enjoyed the coaster ride too!!

6 days until midwife appointment

178 days to go


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