It’s been a horrible day outside today, the floor has gone from resembling a toy shop with a severe case of gastric flu, to a show home (another viewing) and back to a vomiting toy store again.

Entertaining a outdoorsy toddler inside all day is by far the most challenging problem solving exercise I’ve ever encountered. We’ve role played doctors and patients, mummies and babies (I’m the baby), firemen and some victim of fire to name but a few, I’m exhausted and it’s HOURS until bedtime. I took solace in the knowledge I could put my feet up and start watching the long awaited start of American Horror Story Hotel whilst DS napped. 15 minutes in however, EDF rang me to then put me on hold for 25 minutes and by the time they were done with me DS woke up. I do hate it when my one ‘me’ time slot of the day is interrupted, especially for something so blooming mundane.

Feeling a bit less melancholy today, thank goodness. It’s still there, lurking in the recesses of my mind but thankfully it’s not at the forefront. Despite having a stinking cold (which means very little sleep and a shorter temper than usual) DS has been good value today and we’ve had fun just playing.

Felt horrifically sick again this morning whilst at the shop. Very strange. Ended up racing home and having to go to the ‘toilet’ which meant I felt a little better but the sickness has been lurking ever since. I woke with groping stomach ache last night and just hope I’m not heading for some ghastly gastric bug. No other symptoms today except the usual heavy and stretchy feeling from bump so all is good (I hope) and only another week until my 16 week midwife appointment where I’ll hopefully get to hear baby’s heartbeat.

7 days until midwife 

179 days to go


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