Finally, I’ve entered the second trimester. As these post titles continue to increase I fail to believe it. I’m so used to upset and disappointment that I feel just as ‘in a dream’ as I did with DS. 

I went to Exeter shopping today. Wanted to get some maternity vests so I can get away with layering my favourite T shirts but alas H&M are having refit so got rid of the maternity department to make some ‘space’. Couldn’t think where else to go that would be as cheap so came back empty handed, though DS was treated at The Little White Company to a new pair of pyjamas from Auntie. Can’t believe I’m thinking of maternity clothes at 14 weeks. I only made cursory looks with DS at 16 weeks because clothes were just starting to feel uncomfortable, didn’t cruelly but any until I was about 18 weeks!!!!

So what’s happening this week?


Baby is approx 8cm long now and weighs about 40g. About the size of a lemon (though it feels more like that of a melon). The body is now growing faster than the head. At 14 weeks baby’s skin is starting to cover itself with lanugo (a very fine, downy hair) that will have gone, usually, by birth. Baby’s hair and eyebrows are also starting to sprout.

Baby is starting to form expressions now her brain is developing more and about now baby can grasp, frown, grimace and squint. 

The kidneys are producing urine, which is released into the amniotic fluid.

Photo credit: BabyCentre


Though I hate to tempt fate I think the nausea has finally passed. I have met this with mixed feelings, although it’s such a relief not to feel like death all day I worry that all is well with baby.

Reaffirming symptoms which continue include; incredibly sore boobs (still), headaches, tiredness, constipation, cravings (for sweet things 😩) and an ever thickening waistline (see photo evidence).

I very nearly got my maternity clothes out of storage last week but didn’t bother, now of course I’m fast finding my trusty low rose jeans too uncomfortable to wear so I’ll have to get the comfy wear out when I get home (whilst packing away all my newly fitting clothes away yet again for another couple of years).

Hips are becoming very painful so pregnancy pillow will be laundered AS SOON as I get home and now I’m over 12 weeks and not feeling sick anymore I can start my prenatal workouts and yoga.

Weight: 9st 4Ib (unchanged this week)

182 days to go


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