I’m a little cautious to say it, and perhaps it’s been because I’ve been too busy to think about it, but I haven’t felt nauseous today AND it hasn’t made me paranoid… of course this could change but I still felt incredibly tired this afternoon and boobs still agony. Plus I feel extremely heavy today so symptoms enough for my peace of mind

I felt a massive movement today which I’m still finding difficult to get my head around seeing as it’s still so early but the ladies (who have had two) all said they started feeling their second ones at 11 weeks so I’m starting to take comfort in the fact that it is baby moving. It’s not constant you understand, just from time to time. My other half poo poos me but I’m sorry, what does he know?!

DS still insisting it’s a “sisty” but today, for the first time ever, I referred to it as ‘he’ when looking at the scan. I wonder?! With DS I knew he was a boy from the offset, can’t explain why as I always wanted a girl first, but I just ‘knew’. This time round I haven’t had any inklings but that may be because I’ve been too caught up in my paranoia that everything is not ok. I went to a psychic many moons ago, I’m very on the fence about these people but she was good (that’s a whole different story) and I do remember her telling me I’d have a boy and a girl and for a long time I thought she was referring to my niece and nephew…. we’ll have to wait and see if she was right won’t we. Regardless of everything though, as long as baby is healthy that really is all that matters. I love my boy and all he is so if I had another it would be an absolute delight.

186 days to go 


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