A river of tears were cried today.

Tears of pure joy.

Tears of relief.

Tears of hope.

All is ok. Baby is doing well in there and even put on a little performance after the sonographer got me to perform some acrobatics to get baby moving, much to DS’ amusement.

I would say I can’t tell you how relieved I am, but you can probably guess that. Obviously we have to wait to hear back about the screening but the measurement of baby’s neck is only 1.5mm so that part of it is well within the ‘safe range’ (for want of better terminology) but due to my age of course, this could all change but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, I’ll know within 48 hours if there’s a high risk. I’m just happy baby’s heart is beating strongly.

DS was as good as gold, despite stinking out the room with his rice cakes. He was so intrigued by what he was seeing and put in an order for a sister which was just the cutest thing ever. He’s quite adamant it has to be a sister. The sonographer was a lovely man, understood our anxiety and was so accommodating where DS was concerned, pointing out things for his sake and even took a picture of baby’s face for him, as it looked like a skeleton mask (I’d previously mentioned DS is a bit obsessed with Halloween at the moment).

So all is well with the scan and the measurements make the official due date 21st April 2017 meaning we’ve moved forward a day, making today now 12 Weeks + 6, so don’t get confused when I post my bump picture tomorrow. 

Anomaly scan booked for the 2nd December where I get to see the consultant too, due to my ‘advanced maternal age’ … hey atleast he didn’t call me a geriatric mother. I can’t wait.

Not much else to say really except we are absolutely thrilled and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders which is fortuitous considering my round ligament pain seems to have stepped up a gear today leaving me really very uncomfortable, but I really don’t care a jot. 

Baby is well. 

What a relief.

Meet bubba…

12 Weeks + 6

190 days to go.


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