After the events of yesterday I’ve woken up feeling a lot lighter on the shoulders. I am trying to look forward in a positive manner but still I’m a little cautious, wary that things could still go awry and for that we’re not shouting from the rooftops about it. 

Of course we have told the important people; OHs parents (mine have both died), my brothers, Auntie and a couple of close friends already knew. We have now told the ‘girls’ which was such a relief, of course they are thrilled for us, knowing our history they all got VERY emotional. However that’s about it, the important people know and obviously when I see people, and should they ask, I won’t lie but we’re just going to leave it at that.

The Baby:

Now I’m entering the second trimester, baby is about the length of a pea pod, size of a plum, about 2.5 inches, and weighs approximately 23g.

It now has it’s unique fingerprints and has developed sucking muscles in its cheeks. Apparently if I poke my belly it’ll start rooting already… incredible!!!!

It’s amazing to think that, should this be a girl, she already has eggs in her ovaries (approx 2million of them which of course will largely diminish), this means that I’m potentially carrying the starts of my own grandchildren!!!

Photo credit: Babycentre


Over the past three days I’ve noticed my nausea is waning which makes the days easier to bear, don’t get me wrong I still feel off colour but nothing like it was. Tiredness is still hitting at around 2pm and lasting until about 8pm where I get my second wind, instead of just going to bed. My boobs are still incredibly tender. I’m very heavy in the uterine area and am suffering quite a bit of discomfort from round ligament pain which is worse when constipated. Constipation still an issue but am still managing it with Lactulose.

I have felt quite a few ‘flutterings’ today which is bizarre as I’m beginning to seriously think that it is baby.

Weight: 9st 4Ib

As regards food, it really is hit or miss, managed to eat lettuce a couple of days ago but am yet to manage the thought of a whole salad. Things I fancy one minute I don’t want when I’ve got them in front of me. Have to stop snacking and desperate to get back on plan and have a proper healthy diet again. Hopefully soon. 

Going to start exercising this week though I’m going home for a few days so will start properly when I return.

I’m still relishing in the thought that baby is ok in there and that DS seems pleased that he has a little brother or sister in the way. Now we just need to get in the new house before April!!!!


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