Everyone slept really well last night, so why am I sat here at 5am? Bloody constipation, that’s why 😂. I fail to see the fairness that my lazy bowel chooses these ungodly hours to cause me so much grief but I wish it’d wait until DS was atleast awake.

Well tomorrow is D Day, finally! Good or bad we find out the fate of my little passenger. I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve been bricking it all day today and no doubt will struggle with sleep. I know worry doesn’t change anything and the chances are that bubba is absolutely fine in there but the thought that it isn’t fills me with horror. I just wish I could be able to look forward to this moment.

My nausea continues to wane leaving me feeling like I’ve just had that 1 glass of wine too many, rather than 2 bottles. Of course this is normal at this stage but also leaves me with moments of mild anxiety thinking baby isn’t ok. Boobs still extremely tender. Tiredness still hitting mid afternoon, leaving me walking around looking like a basking shark half the time with bags the size of Kim Kardashian’s make-up bag under my eyes.

1 day until scan day!!!!!

192 days to go.


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