I wasn’t going to mention this here but then thought this is exactly the place I should be mentioning it, this is the entire reason for this blog, to give my inner thoughts a ‘voice’ because there’s not a chance I actually tell anyone about the stuff I say on here. I mean, they’d think I was neurotic 😏

I know I’m probably crazy and at an inch and a half long doubt it’s anything but my problematic bowel playing up but, for the last couple of days I’m pretty damn sure I’ve felt a *very* occasional ‘fluttering’, though in reality it is more of a popping which comes hand in hand with a teeny tiny stretching sensation in my pelvic region. Could I be feeling baby at 11 weeks? I never thought it possible, but perhaps? Of course the internet is full of helpful, and not so helpful advice and many women have said they have felt something at this stage and even earlier (?). I’m going to remain on the fence at the moment as I’m not entirely convinced, I didn’t feel DS until about 16 weeks but then I am well aware that second pregnancies follow a different ‘order of service’. For now I’m going to hold onto the thought that it is baby and that everything is ok in there. Fingers crossed.

I’m very achy today but then that does come hand in hand with when my constipation sorts itself out, if you get my drift. Still nauseous, still tired, boobs still agony, tummy still growing (I’m going to be the size of a house before too long at this rate).

I managed a whole afternoon play date without mentioning pregnancy. Of course this hasn’t eased my guilt about not telling her but  glad I won’t feel like I’ve f*cked up by telling another person. She’ll know in less than a week, I’ll explain then. Plus today was about her beautiful little girl, not me.

6 days until the scan 🎉

197 days to go.


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