Still feeling nauseous and tired but I think it’s lessening in intensity a bit. The sensible, grounded, reasonable part of me is telling myself that it will start to wane at about this stage, even if it’s a viable pregnancy. Am I doing a convincing job? Not really, but I am trying to listen to that voice instead of the panicked, anxious, superstitious one.

Reading these posts I sound like a right neurotic idiot. I seriously am so not like this person ordinarily, though I suppose having been dealt the hand I’ve had, coupled with my age I’m not so surprised. I just apologise.

I’d like to say once we have the scan I’ll start to relax but know that if the scan is a success then will come the Down’s Syndrome worry, then any manner of problem that could happen from then to birth, and beyond. Christ, just listen to me!!!

That’s it, Great British Bake Off is on, I’m going to swoon over Selasi, bitch about Candice and wish I had cake in the house to take my mind off things.

Night x

8 days until the scan

199 days to go.


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