Well we’ve got this far and by this time many would start relaxing, hell, I would but I’ve been here 3 times before with only one positive outcome. I’m desperately trying to be optimistic, I’m still symptomatic which everyone keeps saying is a really good sign. I think out of all the miscarriages I’ve had only the last came with a list of symptoms and, if I remember rightly, the nausea didn’t last long and by the time of the fateful scan, at 11 weeks, all had gone barring the headaches. This time I’m nauseous pretty much all day, have agonisingly painful boobs, fatigue and very occasional mild headaches (the latter is one symptom I’m glad I haven’t had as badly this pregnancy). 


This week baby is about an inch and a half long and is very nearly fully formed. Tooth buds are forming and some bones are hardening. I find this absolutely incredible at the size of a fig!! 

Photo credit: Babycenter


Weight: 9st 4Ib. This is a 4Ib gain since conception, mainly due to nausea busting carb consumption than baby.

A lot of my newly fitting skirts are now becoming very tight, jeans are ok because thankfully they’re low risers, still trying to make myself accept this is pregnancy related and I’m not getting ‘fat’ but at the same time I’m also aware that I’ve been eating appallingly and that food consumption and lack of exercise is partly to blame. I really can’t wait to be able to exercise again as soon as I have the scan and I’m not dogged by fatigue.

No real cravings now but still can’t stomach the thought of salads.

12 days until the scan.

203 days to go.


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