Have been really achey today after yesterday’s bowel activity. In that news though, we’re back on track. Of course this aching is having me check for blood every time I feel the slightest twinge or moisture.

I’m weeing lots so this obsessive checking is occurring pretty much 20 times an hour with a couple of non-wee related checks. 

I ended up emailing my Slimming World consultant last night as a dear friend of mine is desperate to join and wanted my support so couldn’t swerve it any more. Turns out, even as a non-target member, you don’t pay throughout your pregnancy and up until your 6 weeks post natal check up. There’s a result. With this information to hand I nervously trotted off to group the morning with said friend. I had geared myself up to face atleast a 6Ib gain so that I wouldn’t get too upset. Turns out I’ve only put on 3.5Ibs in the last month… I am so pleased with this!!! Considering being pretty much totally off plan and not being able to do any exercise (my history of miscarriages means I am not not permitted to allow my body temperature to increase for the first 12 weeks, this means no exercise, no sex, no hot baths, etc… I’m hoping that now my nausea and vegetable revulsion isn’t quite as bad, I will be able to lose a few pounds before the weight gain becomes uncontrollable. This small gain in mind has kind of made me face facts that protruding stomach has little to do with food baby, but real one. A glimmer of hope enters head and is instantly shot down by protective lazers. 

Exhaustion still hitting at 1400, which is just when DS wakes from his nap, really couldn’t be more inconvenient. I seem to remember it was the same when I was pregnant with DS only in those days I’d finished work by 1400 and could go home and sleep until I started back at 1800. Wishing I had that luxury today. Utterly shattered. As ever though, I’m looking at the presence of all these symptoms as a positive sign that the pregnancy is still viable. Fingers crossed.

Going to meet the new baby tomorrow (at precisely exhaustion time) and am going to have to get creative with what I’m wearingas well as excuse my constant yawning. Those girls can sniff out pregnancy like a pig can a truffle.

16 days until the scan.

207 days to go.


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