Bit late getting this one up, I actually totally forgot I hadn’t written it, it’s been such a busy day. Blame baby brain, it’s a real thing. In fact I haven’t got it back since the birth of my DS.

Sickness is still fairly strong so thankfully I’m not panicking too much though I am a little concerned on how it is making me eat EVERYTHING!!!! Honestly, 2 hours after the biggest carvery (which was a huge success given there were two toddlers and a baby in the mix, AND OH behaved and was fairly good at socialising for once) I was eating crumpets in the hope it would sate the nausea.

My friend pointed out today that if I want to keep this secret for the next three weeks I’m definitely going to have to watch what I wear. Thankfully the weather is certainly turning autumnal so I can hopefully put my skinny tees away (despite having just got them out after over three years lol) and cover up with coats and woolly jumpers. I can seriously do without a freak heat wave, that’s for sure. 

18 days until the scan.

209 days to go.


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