My tummy seems ridiculously immense. I’m actually bigger at 9 weeks than I was at 16 with my DS. Not sure how long I’ll be able to disguise it especially as everyone knows how much weight I’ve lost lately. Ho well, will cross that bridge when/if I come to it.

Feeling VERY heavy today in the lower abdominal region but atleast no cramping. Diligently still checking for blood everytime I go to the toilet and occasionally cursing the cream coloured toilet paper. Note to self: buy white!

DS was awake at 4.30 this morning so today has been very long. On a positive note, I had a cleaning frenzy and got all the housework done before the sickness set in bringing with it the “I can’t be arsed” attitude. I felt empowered… for about two hours.Have done lots today so my mind was largely taken off the sickness, which only niggled in the back of my mind until I got home and then it hit like a train as soon as OH mentioned what was for tea. I swear I could murder him when he asks that bloody question, it is my most loathed question and the first thing he says when he walks in the door, if he hasn’t already text/FB messaged it several times during the sodding day. I want to scream at him every bloody day when he asks. Moods: Yup, still swinging wildly 😉

I have managed a day of healthy, SW on-plan, meals today which I feel great about. Am slowly introducing veg into my meals now but salad is still a long way off. Looking for quark at Sainsbury’s I saw my favourite cottage cheese, the violent urge to vomit as soon as I saw it was insane! Still finding these food foibles incredibly weird, having never experienced them before.

As probably already gathered, OH back from business. Let’s hope we remain on good terms for the rest of the evening and he doesn’t ask too many effing questions.

21 days until the scan.

212 days to go.

Seems like a light year away from peace of mind.


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