In quite a bit of discomfort this evening. Extremely crampy which of course equals extreme panic. I’m pretty sure (bloody well hoping) it’s all to do with my bowel rather than anything sinister as I still haven’t got them regulated yet. If I remember rightly I was dogged with this problem all the way through with DS but regular Lactulose consumption did keep things on a regular and even keel. It’s either that or just my uterus expanding, have noticed today my tummy is definitely popping, even my friend mentioned it today so will probably have to get my baggy jumpers out soon so as to not give the game away.

Have felt really odd today, quite woozy and keep sugar crashing meaning I’ve felt insanely weird; shakes, sweats, faint, you name it. 

It’s also just occurred to me today that my sickness is largely triggered by my consumption of fluids meaning I’m really not drinking enough for fear of feeling rough. I have been forcing myself to drink today, I get incredibly grumpy when I’m thirsty and I’m sure it’s probably why I’m feeling so woozy.

Watching Great British Bake Off with the cravings I have is just plain torture. Pastry week, PASTRIES!!!! I could seriously cry having forced a Slimming World syn free supper down my gagging throat whilst watching delicious Danish pastries being cooked on TV… Gah!!

22 days until the scan.

213 days to go.

Time is dragging.


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