What a start to the day!

Left DS in bed with OH to go to the toilet, massive thud. OH had fallen asleep and DS fell out of bed! No real injuries, despite having the highest bed in the world, just lots of tears and blaming…. me! ME! Apparently I’d taken too long so OH had fallen asleep. I really wonder sometimes!!!

Anyway, less of the relationship woes. Back to the pregnancy ones. Have had an ok today, nausea not as bad… Still present, but not as debilitating. May be that I was busy all day so took my mind off it somewhat but either way, a better day for DS and myself. 

Hoping this means I’ll be able to get back to exercising. I am really missing running but have a pre-natal fitness and yoga DVD that I did throughout DS pregnancy which I want to get stuck into again.

Boobs still incredibly sore and tiredness still as extreme. These latter two symptoms have eased my anxiety over the lessening of the first. 

Was surrounded by babies today (and established pregnants), more crucially, second child babies. I very nearly broke down at one point and ended up having to retreat from the playgroup just before the ‘cool down’ sing song to  enable myself to preserve my dignity. I’m putting it purely down to hormones as its never bothered me to that extreme before.

Gah to first trimesters!!!!

23 days until the scan.

214 days to go.


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