DS slept until 6AM…. 6AM!!!!! AND only woke once due to coughing. I felt great when I woke up! By 11am the sickness started again, not helped by spinning DS and his girlfriend around in softplay! Sickness pretty much stayed with me until early evening.

The big news of the day is that I went to the cinema! THE CINEMA!! Last time I went to the cinema I was heavy with child, we had watched Despicable Me 2 (the only 2 adults there without children) and threw an entire tub of popcorn over the unsuspecting, and now traumatised, cinema cat. We laughed so hard I thought I was going to give birth in the carpark. It was so nice to get out with my friend and be able to talk (we got there very early) without being interrupted by toddlers. In fact, apart from being in hospital with last mc and having 2 haircuts this was pretty much the only other time I’d been without DS, ever, in nearly 3 years!

In symptom news I’m finding, warning of too much information klaxon, that I’ve been passing a lot of discharge. Whilst sat in cinema this of course sent me into panic thinking it was blood I could feel which then probably psychosomatically (hopefully) made me start having period pain like cramps again. Will this worry ever subside? Again wishing I was having the same care I had with DS. 

My pregnancy with DS came after 3 consecutive miscarriages which meant I was given scans every two weeks from 6 weeks. Such a peace of mind. Of course because I’ve had one successful outcome I’d now have to have another 3 consecutive ones to be given the same level of care. Really wish we had money so we could afford private scans right now. I fear a very long panicky evening coming on.

Took my photo pre-breakfast this morning and there is a tiny bump there but still convinced it’s more food related weight gain rather than baby related but perhaps I’m in denial.

I’ve only just got back into these jeans after probably 7 years… Hey ho!!! So much for a winter wardrobe of all my favourite old clothes but then what better excuse to do it again for next Winter.

25 days until the scan.

216 days to go.


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