Here we are, another week under our belt and still suffering symptoms so praying that this is a very good sign that things are progressing ‘normally’.

I won’t lie, I’m extremely anxious still. Still checking for blood everytime I go to the toilet, even going to check in between visits. Of course I know from experience that this will probably continue throughout the pregnancy even if it does proceed having suffered a bleed at 16 weeks with DS (everything was fine, put it down to post coital… That knocked out sex life on the head right there).  I really wish my scan was sooner but then that doesn’t promise anything. Having got to the 12 week dating scan before I’m all too aware that even on that day your dreams can be shattered and you can end up being ushered out by a few nurses whom shield you from the happy expectants cooing over their new photographs in the waiting room so as to get us across the corridor through a staff only access into the ‘other’ clinic as soon as possible.

The Baby

Photo credit: BabyCentre

Baby is very nearly an inch long and the size of a grape. Apparently starting to look more ‘human’ with all essential body parts present and correct.

The heart has finished dividing into four chambers, and the valves have started to form as do the teeth. 

The embryonic tail has is completely gone and organs, muscles, and nerves are starting to work.

External sex organs are there and the eyes are fully formed, though the eyelids are fused shut. 

Earlobes, mouth, nose, and nostrils are more defined. The placenta is developed enough now to take over most of the critical job of producing hormones and from here on in will gain weight rapidly.

I’ve decided to source embryo images from somewhere else as the ‘Sprout’ ones seemed too advanced to me.


Well if you’re following my posts you will know that nausea and constipation are still dogging me. 

Food is a constant source of perplexion, what I want one day (hell, one minute) I may not be able to stomach the next. Needless to say it needs to be bland, stodgy, full of fat and carbs, I swear what stomach I have is purely food baby than real one but I’m just not sure. I know you ‘pop’ sooner with your second one but 9 weeks seems silly early to me. Will take a pre-breakfast picture tomorrow and compare with this post-lunch one.

Taken after eating, will take another tomorrow morning

Deciding whether to continue with Slimming World weigh-ins, I’m a target member but if I’m going to have to start paying because I’m gaining (due to baby) I’m not going to. Really need to chat to my consultant but not ready to spill the beans to non-importantly just yet but wish I knew what I weighed. Think I’ll message her this week and pose the question, do t think it’s fair that I’d have to pay when I’m gaining for a medical purpose, don’t mind paying after baby is born. Anyway, we’ll see.

Was discussing gender with a friend today (one of only two that know locally) and she thinks boy but wants me to have a girl. I’m totally not sure but certainly feel a hell of a lot different to how I did with DS. A girl would be cool (their clothes are so much nicer than boys clothes) but another boy would be ace. Actually glad I had a boy first time round despite wanting a girl (so I could emulate the relationship I had with my late mum). Of all the little girls I know it certainly appears that boys are far less high maintenance 😉

Anyway, I’m allowing myself to leap way ahead of myself here. As long as this pregnancy continues and baby is healthy I really don’t care what it’s gender is.

26 days until the scan.

217 days to go


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