Woke up feeling ‘different’ which sent me into panic mode. Lots of aches in the womb area and no nausea. Turns out aches were due to constipation and nausea hit at about 8am, usual time but because DS woke at 4.30 this morning I just thought it arrived later than usual.

OH back tonight so decided to get a veg casserole done first thing. Remind me NEVER to do that again. Oh my life!!!! Never have I felt more like throwing up!!! This has just been made worse by the announcement that OH mentioned at 1730 that they still hadn’t left Birmingham so he won’t even be eating here tonight!!!!!

Garage rang about car… Ouch! Brake pads and discs and an entire exhaust kit, I really could cry… Let’s just hope this makes it MOT ready now! Would explain why my CO2 reading was high mind.

After our usual morning walk stopped at our usual cafe for DS’ tea cake and my decaf cappuccino only to be TOTALLY unable to resist the baked cheesecake… OMG it was pure heaven but jeez I have massive food guilt now. I blame the woman j. Front of me who couldn’t make her mind up meaning I was left stood with the cake staring me in the eye for 10 minutes… NO ONE can resist THAT!!!! 

On a nice note my friend returned from her hollibobs today so we wandered up there for a little catch up after I dropped some stuff off regarding the house purchase. Was lovely catching up, they’ve only been away two weeks, it feels like a year! DS was uber grumpy due to cold which meant there were time out’s spent by both mine, and her son today. We are quite lucky with our boy, he’s so chilled out and never gets into tantrums nor does he do the usual toddler snatching and pushing/biting/kicking/hitting thing but today he fought back 😬

Anyway, off to battle through another evening routine on my own whilst fighting the urge to just collapse in a heap on the living room floor and wallow in my nausea. A first trimester with a toddler really is no fun at all lol

218 days to go


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