DS ended up coming into bed with me at 10 last night after waking up in floods of tears after a nasty bout of coughing. He didn’t wake until 7am so all is good in the world. It really is unheard of that I’m left lying there waiting for him to wake up, lovely but will probably mean naps and bedtime will be all over the shop today, but hey, I got a lie-in!!!!

Good old Lactulose has sorted the constipation problem and hopefully we’ll have that under control now.

Sickness was an absolute doozy this afternoon and going into evening. Thankfully we made the most of this amazing weather and spent the entire morning on the beach because this afternoon I couldn’t extricate myself from the sofa. DS has wrecked the flat just to keep entertained and I have estate agents coming round tomorrow to photograph it…. Joy, I think I’ll just move the junk around and give the impression that the place isn’t actually Toys’r’Us at the end of a sale day.

My friend, the one I talked about here, messaged this morning to tell me she is having to have surgical management of her miscarriage due to the fact it isn’t happening of it’s own accord.

It would appear they move quicker in London than they do down here. My last miscarriage went on for nearly 3 months, anaemia due to massive blood loss, blue light trips to A&E (and horrifically poor treatment from the specialist there meaning it continued for another month afterwards) before a D&C was done, as soon as I set foot in my preferred hospital I may add, not the one mentioned above.

My heart weeps for her and I hope she’s coping ok. The universe can be so cruel sometimes. Meanwhile children are born to abusive parents without so much as a twinge in pregnancy, just doesn’t seem right to me. It has made me quite emotional this evening and also making me feel a little grateful for my sickness.

220 days to go


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