Oh joy, the constipation has started. I feel like I’ve given birth already. I’ve never got back from town so quickly in all my life, made harder by carrying a toddler who just seemed to be pushing down on my bowel the entire way home. Thank god I had the foresight to get some Lactulose in, I shall be swigging it from here on in to prevent *that* from happening again. Really is amazing considering my diet is full of lentils and fruit. 

Another afternoon with the ladies today and considering I was feeling exceptionally sick and lightheaded I’m surprised I got through it without spelling the beans. Though my FB status last night (relating to my friend and her loss) was brought up and I think they thought that I’d suffered another mc myself judging by the look of relief on their faces when I said it was regarding a friend.

DS has developed a stinking cold now so he’s tucked up early in an Olbas Oil infused room. Praying he manages to get through the night, I’m still not feeling crash hot myself and could do with a really good sleep to give it a final heave ho, it’s bad enough suffering with nausea without the added aches and pains of a cold.

221 days to go


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