Here we are… The Danger Zone! So titled because from here on in is where my failed pregnancies were deemed to be non-viable. I lost two at about 8 weeks (not finding out until about 10w) and two at about 10 weeks (not finding out until 12w).

Be prepared for neuroticism, negativity and panic. I will try, amidst all this angst, to remain hopeful but I’m afraid superstition may prevent this from happening, God forbid I dream this might progress normally and thus cursing it from being. Perhaps I should approach this next month with a certain level of emotional detachment but we’ll see, I may surprise myself.

The mash went down a storm last night and now thinking what else can go with it for the foreseeable. I have a feeling I’m going to be eating just mounds of mash and ketchup though might see how rice fares as I’m starting to obsess about that at the moment. These cravings (though not sure that’s what they are, rather than the only things that don’t turn my stomach) are the strangest things. 

The Embryo:

Credit: Sprout Pregnancy App

At 8 weeks the embryo is the size of a jelly bean. 

Arm and legs have started to develop though the intricacies of fingers and toes are yet to form.

The spinal column has now been formed and the brain is developing rapidly.

Eyelids, a nose and upper lip are now more pronounced and a tiny tongue is now growing. This is also the week that baby’s primary reproductive organs become testes or ovaries (though it’s gender was was determined at conception it’s taken this long for the gonads to become one of the other).


My uterus is now the size of an orange, apparently. My food baby is probably the size of a small car.


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